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Lean, TPM, RCM, OEE, SMED, 5S? It is time for you to start on the path of continuous improvement?

Steve Borris is an improvement consultant and the author of 3 improvement books - not self published, I add...


He will help you to improve the efficiency of your company on-site or, if you prefer, pass on some of his knowledge through his books.


You could always use both.


My new book, published in 2015 by CRC Press, has been written as a novel. The objective is to make learning technical methods more interesting.


What would you do if your financial backers or bank wanted you to make more profit?


The book tells the story of an ailing conglomerate. The are four divisions in the conglomerate. Just as in real life, many of the issues are generic, common to all companies, but each have different root-causes, variations on the solutions. Our group of companies is a call centre, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a tier 1 component supplier and a materials supplier.


Steve's brother Danny is the co-author.


The task is simple: to improve from a 3% to a 12% profit or be sold off. It is a "Success or Die" situation.


How do we do it?


What about the company culture, surely that will be an issue?


Follow the story of the company leadership and the consultants from the diagnosis to the solutions.


Read the "case studies" through the eyes of the folk involved - and learn how to find and apply  solutions on you own.


Some of the most useful improvement tools are applied from mapping to lean to SPC and simple statistics to project planning...


The book is a summary of the issues managers face daily and what some consultants can do to help.

What can we do for your company?

In short, we can train, facilitate and help you implement improvement techniques and methodologies like lean and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).


Let us help improve your productivity, performance, product quality and profitability.


Perhaps you do not know much about what we do...


  • Lean
    Minimizing waste - stuff you do but don't need to, as it has no value to your customers. And improving product quality.
  • 5S
    How the factory is organized. Layout, ability to find tools and materials, workstation efficiency and the removal of sources of contamination (dirt or oil or leaks that can cause issues downstream or to employees.)
  • TPM
    TPM is a biggie and used mainly by companies that use production equipment, although it applies to all departments and has a lean component.
    I recently read a machine report that said it had 21% "unscheduled downtime". For some it is just the time the machine breaks down. For an engineer, it is one day out of a five day week where production is not possible and the capacity is reduced by 20%.
  • OEE
    Just a KPI? Hardly!
    OEE is the KPI that tells you how effectively you are producing.
    If you should be able to make 100 units a day (with no quality issues or remakes) and you only make 50 units, your OEE is 50%.
    In short, you are only producing 2.5 days out of 5 days!
  • 6 Sigma (Lean 6 Sigma)
    I think this is a more complex tool due to its use of statistics. It is designed to reduce variation in the way product is made - creating fewer defects.
    When blended with lean, it is much more effective.
    Part of 6 Sigma. It is a process for understanding and finding solutions to problems. It is a slightly more complex version of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA).

Perhaps you would  just like to deploy the lean methodology but do not have the expertise or the time to tie up key personnel?


Maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes or someone with which to discuss your options - someone to give you an honest assessment?


By the way, you might not like what is said but we try to tell the truth as nicely as possible...!


Steve Borris is an expert in Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), Process mapping, SMED, 5S, OEE. (See the techniques and newsletters section for details of the "tools".)


Steve is also a skilled trainer, facilitator, mentor, Executive Coach and, as the illustrations show), a three times published author.


Productivity Jigsaw is a consultancy that reflects his successful approach to company improvements, creating tailored solutions at a rate you control from Lean to 6 Sigma.

"We find the issues that must be fixed."

We put YOUR needs before the needs of the improvement process.


Steve, a founder employee of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS), has more than 40 years experience in industry.


Indeed, Steve was the longest serving SMAS practitioner and is proud of his involvement in developing training processes and ways to introduce a COUNTRY to the benefits of Lean.


"There is no one size fits all solution." Steve comments. "Even though every industry suffers the same basic issues, their starting point and resources will differ enormously. 


Couple this with a controversial 70% failure rate in Improvement programs - which I have not experienced - and we appreciate that implementation and culture change must be taken seriously"


By adopting Lean Manufacturing as a core philosophy and blending it with other highly successful tools like TPM, RCM, OEE, 5S, 6 Sigma and SMED, we can do so much more than simply remove "waste".


Our primary goal is not to turn your company to one full of Lean experts, but into a highly successful company with employees skilled in the techniques you need to solve your problems - now.


With experience, your employees will become experts - but in stages. We will teach what is needed as you need them to solve your current issues.


Alternatively, we can implement a full training program and transform your company in to a Lean Enterprise - if you prefer.


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