We help you to identify problems, develop solutions in production and administrative processes. We also train your people and guide the implementation of projects.

  1. Identify Your issues and opportunities.
    • Why do your customers buy from you?
      SWOT analysis.
    • What problems do you have have at the company level?
      Big Picture and Value Stream Mapping.
      - For more detail we can use Process and Capacity mapping.
    • How well are you performing now and what can you do to improve things in the future (strategies).
      Current and Future State mapping.
  2. Estimate how much each issue is costing Your company.
  3. Prioritise resolution and Root Cause solutions.
    Companies have limited resources. While we would prefer to fix everything at once, we need to maintain production and control the implementation of new techniques at a rate we can support.
  4. Choose the best options for long-term resolution.
    Continuous improvement is a lifetime commitment. We need to choose the techniques you need, select pilot projects, organise company wide training and "roll out" successes.
    Steve can help you implement whole methodologies like Lean, TPM and RCM but he can also apply his Jigsaw process to integrate the modules you need now.
    Lean is taken as the core to which the others are blended, because of the power in such a simple system.

From equipment to systems

Once you know you have a problem? What is the root cause?

How much are the issues are costing your operation.  We use techniques rooted in many years of experience with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors.


Our services at a glance:

We offer you...

  • Training in solving problems and decision making
  • Identifying issues
  • Quantifying the loss to the company
  • Finding possible Root-Cause solutions
  • Prioritising based on time and difficulty to resolve and the benefits expected
  • Embedding the solutions for sustainability
  • Ongoing checks (PDCA - Plan-Do-Check-Act)


We also train in - and I apologise for the jargon - but all these processes help your company become more profitable:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • TPM
  • RCM
  • Root Cause analysis
  • SMED
  • OEE
  • 5S

There are other processes Steve uses and trains (like executive coaching), but the list above gives a sample of what he can do for you.

Corporate planning and control

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Solving problems is a skill. We will teach you how to find root-cause issues rather than just fixing symptoms - again and again and again...


We can also help your employees consider the consequences of wrong decisions.

Problem solving & decision making

Management continuity

Proactive problem solving. Thinking about the future before it happens: do you have a back up person for key jobs?


We travel with you on the path to ordered, coordinated management continuity.

Management continuity